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Splash Pad

Landscaping Materials on City Streets
As warm weather returns to the valley and City residents begin to plan their landscaping projects we wanted to send a reminder to all HOA managers that it is a violation of City Code to drop landscape materials on a city street. This for any type of brick, stone, gravel, sand or building material of any kind. Please share this with your community residents and your landscape contractors. The City Code is referenced below. To obtain an encroachment permit, please contact the Permitting Division at 623-349-6200.


Community Parks
Splash Pads opening for the season on Friday, May 11th

Nature Rules - Curb your Dust
Maricopa County has recently adopted new ordinance P-28 specifying the use of Off-road Vehicles. To avoid fines and required community service for violations, please be sure to stay off all vacant lots and common areas within the Tartesso Community. Click here to review a fact sheet prepared by Maricopa County. The Association would appreciate residents reporting any off-road vehicle use on any vacant lots and common areas within Tartesso. Thank you for your help in cleaning up our air.

The Association pre-approves various scheduled events involving use of fields or other amenities for organized play. Otherwise use is on a first come, first served basis. You may call KMS to determine the schedule of the pre-approved events.

Please contact KMS for any type of organized sports league practice or play. Prior approval is required for use of the fields with fees for both day and night use. Field lighting is not provided without prior request and approval.

Please follow all posted rules at park locations. These rules were adopted for the use and enjoyment of the facilities for Tartesso community members.

Be sure to report vandalism or graffiti to KMS.

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